Monday, December 31, 2007

Digital Age

From the New Yorker, May 2007, an an article about Microsoft's Gordon Bell, age 72, who has decided to go paperless and pays an assistant to scan/archive his life:

"Bell's archive now contains a hundred and twenty eight thousand e-mails; fifty-eight thousand photographs; thousands of recordings of phone calls he has made; every Web page he has visited and instant-messaging exchange he has conducted since 2003; all the activity of his desktop (which windows, for example, he has opened); eight hundred pages of health records, including information on the life of the battery in his pacemaker; and a sprawling category he calls "ephemera" which contains such things as books he has written adn books from his library; the labels of bottles of wine has enjoyed; and the record of a bicycle trip through Burgandy, where he treid to eat in as many starred restaurants as he could."

Too much information.

("Remember This?" by Alec Wilkinson)